Modern World
A team of Individuals
Modern World Studio is a branding and graphic design agency. We specialize in packaging design, trademark creation, naming, and company style. We have completed over 1000 projects for the Russian, American, Bulgarian and other European markets. We have won dozens of contests, including some based on real consumer reactions to packaging designs by different studios. Our experience with and insight into customer preferences in various countries, as well as our tightly knit team of professionals, are what make our projects so vibrant and effective at achieving their main goal - to sell.

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Our most valuable assets are the people we work with - this is why we are a Team of Individuals! We have a strong team and we love what we do. Еven when we've completed a very successful project, we still strive for perfection, because imagination has no limits.
We are:

I believe in the strength and heart 
of our team!
Inessa Bikova
managing partner
In 2003 Victor Ankov and I created our company Modern World Studio. Due to various circumstances, we worked primarily with Russian and international companies. Our successful and effective projects and years of experience in dynamic and demanding markets have given us an edge over others. Our work can be singled out as it is especially vibrant and energizing, and it always bears a creative slogan. It's hard to miss it - there is no doubt that it will attract the client's attention. Not only that, but our files are excellent in terms of quality - original fonts, product photography and retouching.
In the past years we, the people who work at this firm, became a strong team. We can meet the highest international standards in terms of product and non-product packaging design.
We don't just create packaging designs - we create a whole reality, making the world bright and beautiful and our clients successful.
Graphic design
is life!
Victor Ankov
creative director, partner
This unbelievably gifted person is the one, I am privileged to have founded this company with. After all the years of our collaboration I am in awe of his incredible talent and his desire to constantly improve. I appreciate also his drive to develop the rest of the designers we work with and to move the quality of the work done by the agency as a whole to another level. He raises the bar very high. He is so devoted to the work he does on every project that he leaves both us and our clients impressed. This is the man who has created our most striking and most inspiring projects, the ones that made us what we are today. His knowledge seems boundless - it covers typography, retouching, design, drawing on tablet, composition, perspective - and he is always utterly meticulous and precise in his work. When he is working on any given project, he is completely immersed in pages containing the requirements and expectations of our client, and the fees and risks to them. Each and every design is a challenge of great personal importance for him. It is not an exaggeration to say that graphic design is Victor’s life!
Strategic Marketing is 
Victoria Aleksandrova
strategic project manager
Victoria joined our team in 2019 as a strategic project manager. She is responsible for our corporate clients, as well as for creating relationships with new enterprises in need of the studio's services. She is a PR manager who graduated from the Kiev National University of Culture and Arts with a degree in Organizational Management. Her task is to expand the firm's reach. Victoria is the most important link between the client and the designer. She has to understand and "get a feel for" the project the client entrusts us, to transfer the idea to the designer, and to keep track of the task she's responsible for until it has been completed.
Quick, precise and 
Temenuga Vulkova
senior brand designer
Temi has been working with us since 2014. She is our leading brand designer, whose projects are all on par with the best globally. She's a true innovator who's not afraid of putting forward very bold ideas and of trying strikingly original approaches. Her task is to always come up with something new in a world where almost everything has already been created. She always proposes very bold ideas, she tries unexpected and original approaches, and works swiftly. Her work is very imaginative and is done at an astonishing speed. She has won numerous contests and is the designer behind many of the projects which have increased our clients' sales greatly. When we're working under a tight deadline, I know that I can rely on her to get the job done - she always manages. I am very confident in her because she was born a winner. Sometimes when I ask her if she wants coffee in the morning, I get the feeling she doesn't hear me at all. Usually she is immersed in the project and completely focused on her job. At the end of the day, when we look over and comment on what we've done, I see how much effort and hard work she's put in to get the finished result she presented. After years of working together I see her as a graphic designer with extraordinary potential. I am happy and grateful to work with a person of such grandeur!
Her vocation is
a Gift of Fate!
Lilia Nyagolova
senior brand designer and illustrator
Lily came to work for us in 2013. At first, I did not think that someone who had graduated from the National Academy of Art with a degree in Graphic Design only two months prior to joining the team, could start creating projects of value, which would compete with those of other companies. She soon surprised me. She is the author of successful projects which you can now find on the shelves of stores across the globe. Lily is a phenomenal illustrator who has an in-depth knowledge of every stage of brand and packaging design. Good illustrators are usually staunch individualists and this frequently becomes a problem, as graphic design means teamwork as well - but this is not the case with Lilly! Her unique personality and disposition to the job fit in perfectly in our tight-knit team! Thank you, Lilly!
The master of design and 
Velichka (Vicci) Jordanova
brand designer, illustrator
In 2019 a fantastic brand designer and illustrator joined our team - this is Velichka, or Vicci. She studied Graphic Arts at the National High School of Art Ilia Petrov in Sofia and went on to earn a BA in Publishing Design and an MA in Graphic Design at the National Academy of Art.
In 2008 she was awarded the third-place prize in the Polish competition XII Biennale Ekslibrisu and since then has taken part in the following art exhibitions:
  • Design Academy, which was part of the Sofia Design Week event in 2012
  • The second international biennale of bookplates and small-scale graphic works in Guangzhou, China in 2012
  • The Metamorphosis of Paper, part of Sofia Paper Art Fest 2013
  • Design Academy, part of Sofia Design Week 2013
  • An exhibition of works by lecturers, graduate and post-graduate students from the Publishing Design and Illustration and Graphic Design departments from the National Academy of Art hosted by the Bulgarian Cultural Institute in Bratislava, 2017, as well as many others.
Her illustrations can be seen in:
  • Issue 12 of Spisanie 8 in 2018 - she created an illustration for the short story Lazarus and Death. This work of hers won Georgi Malinov's contest A Tale of the Future.
  • Issue 2 of Spisanie 8 in 2019 - another illustration this time for Vladimir Samurkov's short story Transeterno. This one won second place in the A Tale of the Future contest.
Velichka is a designer and illustrator with excellent taste and a talented artist whose works are brilliant. Her ideas are original and imaginative because her strive is to always create something beautiful. Creativity - this is the keyword which best describes her ability to become immersed in an imaginary world where she finds the most suitable and most original ideas for each project. What I like about her is that her sense of style is marked by delicacy and finesse and that she has an eye for different color combinations and hues. And what's most impressive is her attention to detail, which is very important for the outcome of her work.
I like to set goals
Irena Marinova
Irena is an amazing illustrator. She can paint in many different styles and techniques. Everything comes to life under her magical hand. She works on projects for key clients of Modern World Studio and the result is always impressive.
She graduated from Southwest University "Neofit Rilski" with a major in "Graphics". Courageous, patient and inspired, she knows how to bring even the most complex projects to a beautiful end. Our team is impressed with the way Irena accepts corrections - she welcomes and sends everything with a smile.
"I like to set goals and achieve them. My work not only challenges me, but also helps me to reveal my potential as an artist, illustrator and designer. I admired the projects of "Modern World Studio" even before I started working for them, now I am proud to be part of the team that creates all this!”
She's a designer with 
Margarita Stoyanova
technical designer
Maggie starts to work in our team since 2021. She graduated in Engineering Design at the Technical University of Sofia (Bachelor's degree) and Graphic Design at the New Bulgarian University (Master's degree). Maggie is a very creative and energetic person who works with incredible enthusiasm. There is an innate sense of aesthetics and attention to the detail. She does a great job as a junior technical designer and is a real decoration for our team. Her youth and unencumbered feel both in the air and in the projects she makes.
My work seems to have no beginning
Maria Kacheva
junior technical designer
Maria joined our team in the spring of 2022 as an assistant technical designer. She graduatedfrom NBU with a degree in "Graphic Design". At Modern World Studio, she deals withimage processing and technical finalization of projects. The nature of her work seems to have no beginning and no end. This position requires a lot of patience and she has plenty of it.
Maria is a motivated, energetic, social and positive person. If you come to visit us one day, you will easily recognize who Maria is - there is always a protein bar on her desk, and notonly because she is working on the Firedji bar projects.
Taking Responsibility
Veronica Bikova
Client Manager US and Canadian markets
Veronica is our representative on the US and Canadian markets. She is the face of the company in a part of the world where the standards are very high, the competition is fierce and when it comes to design, there are some specificities which we have to be well-aware of. Her task is to maintain contact with our American clients. She has an excellent understanding of what is appealing on the American market and she makes working with clients at such a distance accessible to us. Veronica's educational background is truly impressive - in Bulgaria she graduated from the French Language School Alphonse de Lamartine and also completed her studies as a private student at an English language school at the same time. She acquired her first graduate degree in Bulgarian Philology from Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski. She then went on to acquire an MA at the University of Miami and completed another undergraduate degree program in Finance and Business Management at the University of Toronto. She works for various Canadian financial institutions and speaks seven languages.
Creative design has 
Alyona Semyonova
Representative for Russia
Modern world studio works with companies from all over the world, but we honestly and frankly have to say that our first serious clients were from Russia. Our positions in Russia remain quite stable and Alyona is our representative for that country. She organizes all intercompany documentation, which has very complex and specific requirements related to Russian legislation. What Alyona does is fundamental. It maintains the presence of "Modern World Studio" on the large and dynamic Russian market and is a guarantee that we can continue to work with our long-standing clients and partners.
The challenges of life create
Martina Bikov
Client manager Central Europe
Martina joined our team in 2022 and is responsible for our strategic development in Europe. She was born in Slovakia, Bratislava, and from 1994 to 2021 she studied, worked and lived in Austria, Vienna. She graduated in law from the University of Vienna, and at the same time graduated in the same specialty in Bratislava. After graduation she worked as a lawyer in various law firms, later in an international real estate group, and before moving to Bulgaria - for one of the largest companies in the Austrian residential real estate market. Arriving in Bulgaria, Martina was actively involved in the expansion of our company in Europe, becoming a representative of our company for the German and Slovak markets. She is cheerful, creative, organized and her marketing work is great. A true polyglot, a professional who brought the breath of the West in its most beautiful form: accuracy, correctness, loyalty.
I want to be part of the process
Zhanna Ankova
Zhanna is the youngest member of the Modern World Studio team. With her presence, we feel the spirit of the new generation. She joined us in 2022 as an intern right after graduating from the National High School of Applied Arts with a major in Advertising Graphics.
“For most of my conscious life, the topic of packaging was present in everyday conversation at home, as my parents lived with their work. I never thought that we would work together, but I remember when I first saw the ALPRO packaging I already knew that I wanted to be part of the process that could lead to such a result."