Or Vinta Raw Nuts & Fruits
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Or Vinta Raw Nuts & Fruits
Branding and packaging line design

Or Vinta Raw Nuts & Fruits
The Task
Working on this project entailed redesigning the Ot Vinta logo, creating sets of two labels and two types of packaging, which were designed for a line of nuts and dried fruits, as well as over 50 3D models of all the products included.
We decided not to use photographs, as is commonplace in similar packaging designs, both because these create the impression of a product from a lower price range and because using illustrations would allow for a more intricate design.
As this design had to be suitable for every type of nut or dried fruit in the line, we included various kinds of nuts and fruits in our compositions and experimented creating pencil and watercolor illustrations.
This is a typical example of craft design - it looks natural and fresh, and the gorgeous artwork attracts the customer's attention.
We had already designed an Ot Vinta logo while working on the Ot Vinta sunflower seeds. This time, however, our client wanted it to have a more natural craft-design look. Our task was to preserve the general style of the logo, and therefore also keep the brand easy to recognize, but at the same time edit it so it would suit and fit in a different packaging design.
Or Vinta Raw Nuts & Fruits
Or Vinta Raw Nuts & Fruits
Or Vinta Raw Nuts & Fruits
3D mock-ups for all the line
Lastly, we created a 3D mock-ups for every product in the line of over 50, using photos of the actual products in order to guarantee the most attractive images possible.
Or Vinta Raw Nuts & Fruits
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