Packaging design

–†ackaging is a powerful marketing tool. This is what makes this branch of the advertising industry interesting. It is growing quickly - contemporary hardware and software do away with most challenges graphic designers are facing and provide an array of opportunities for them to express their creativity. There are basic rules in packaging design which must be followed. They depend on the type of product, the outlook of the actual packaging, the market share, market positioning, and a number of characteristics having to do with visual communication. The innovation in the design is what makes a product stand out from other similar products.

When we create a packaging design, we put a lot of conscious effort into making it tell a convincing story. When working with packaging, it's always an interesting challenge to find the key image or tale to make you fall in love with it and purchase the product. Why people choose one over another is difficult to determine, even when considering products in the same price range. Getting a sense of the story that customers will grow to love and therefore pick your brand or product over others, is the most important aspect of our work when designing packaging for the supermarket shelf.

Modern World Studio has concrete proof of our expertise, precision, and high quality work - we have years of experience and over 1000 completed projects, which now help to sell products worldwide.