Product retouching

It's in human nature to construct ideal images. Often the product inside the packaging can't match the expectation, and so all hope rides on the packaging design. It's not a realistic portrayal that grabs the client's attention, but an exaggerated image with no imperfections. A good photo is a very important starting point but it is not enough for a convincing portrayal of the product and its characteristics.

Product retouching is the creation of a hyper-real image from a photograph. A good photo is very important, but only serves as a base - it isn't enough to portray a product or its attributes in a convincing way. What really catches the consumer's eye is a delicious, exaggerated, appetizing image on the packaging. Product retouching does not only consist of removing defects. It's a re-drawing process in which we add further information and edit each individual pixel with care.

The result is a hyperbole - an ideal image of the product.

At Modern World Studio we have developed our own approach to creating hyper-real product illustrations. It comprises a series of technical and artistic steps and guarantees a very high-quality finished result. Sometimes a change of angle or perspective, the use of textures from different images, or adding drawn-in details is necessary. In some cases, there is almost nothing left from the original photo in the final, incredibly appealing image.