Brand creation

The brand - this is the mental shell of a product or service. It associates what you offer with a specific quality or characteristic; it is your face on the market and bears your reputation. The brand is an abstract term which encompasses everything that forms a company's style: the name, the logo and the geometric principles of its design, the company colors, the accompanying artwork, and the slogan.

Creating a brand and marketing strategy is key to introducing any new product on the market. When doing so, we aim at giving each brand a distinctive look and to make it tell a unique story, which prompts the customer to identify with a given product or service.

We do this by working on these five aspects:

  1. Brand positioning strategy - this is the basis of a brand. We conduct marketing research, identify a concept for the brand and pinpoint the target customer and market position.
  2. Creating a name for the brand, or naming. The ones we suggest are always legally available for use.
  3. Brand visualization. At this stage we offer a few sketches of possible logo fonts and designs. After one has been selected by our client, we edit it in detail and define its geometric principles. All parts of the brand logo have to adhere to a specific geometric model, so that their position and the distance between them create a harmonious image. In our portfolio we have purposefully left some examples of how the geometry of a particular brand logo contributes to the design's effect.
  4. Company style. User guidelines and brand principles. This is described in detail under 'Brand Book'.
  5. Audit and marketing strategy. This is the longest and most expensive process. It includes packaging design, print finishing, web development, and carrying out an effective advertising campaign.