Client: Molochnoe Delo
Milk dessert - TM and packaging

The Task

Tvоrobushki is a dessert made from sweet curd and chocolate icing. Our client, the Russian company Mоlochny Dela, wanted to create a taste reminiscent of the Soviet GOST standard - the product had to be made from curd with no ingredient substitutes and a shell of real chocolate. In order to highlight this, our client needed a plain packaging design with little adornment. 
The task was assigned to a few accomplished design agencies. In total, 37 designs were chosen for real consumer testing. This research was done by the Russian agency Dymshits i Partnory. You can find a description of the research methodology and test results here
Our project came out as the winner, so today we are proud that this packaging, chosen over 36 others by more than 100 people, can be found in virtually every Russian store.

The Solution

What posed the greatest difficulty for us was that work on the packaging design began before food production. We had only a verbal description of the product and fairy specific details about its expected texture and consistency to work with. While sketching and drawing the group of sticks and logo we repeatedly consulted the client about the angle, composition, and texture of the icing and filling. All the while we didn't have a single photo or even a prototype for reference.
We started out with some rough colored pencil sketches while simultaneously creating the brand logo, so that our client could have a good idea of what the finished work would look like.

The final version of the design had undergone another round of editing the color of the chocolate and the details in the texture of the filling and icing.



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