World of Tanks Nachos
Client: Voentorg
World of Tanks Nachos
Packaging, photography, retouching
Industry: Groceries

World of Tanks Nachos
The Task
This project was requested by the Russian company Voentorg. The challenge was effectively combining the military theme with a product like nachos, so that the end result came out as an integrated whole - many layers of beauty.
For the actual packaging we chose bright, saturated colors, which are especially important when designing packaging for products akin to chips. At the same time, we were trying to create a version of the design where the tank would fit in as naturally as possible and be an integral part of the entire work. Projects such as this require a particularly creative approach, so that the resulting image is a homogeneous whole.
We received a selection of tank photos to use for reference but unfortunately none of them seemed to suit the needs of the project. Either the angle wasn't right or we couldn't find the right place for the tank in the composition. We used the best photograph as a guide to create our own illustration by adding all the details needed for the project to be a success. We drew everything, including the details on the road wheel track.
At last the tank and the actual nachos became similar in style because they were technically drawn in the same manner, and following the same principles.
We retouched a photo of the actual nachos in detail but added only a few pieces on the packaging. This was carefully considered with the consumer's distance and field of vision in mind. The packaging must be easy to notice - it should be possible to tell the product and its flavor apart from the rest at a distance.
The background we chose emphasized the military theme, created depth and the look of a multilayered work, and consolidated the different parts of the image.
The Solution
World of Tanks Nachos
World of Tanks Nachos
World of Tanks Nachos
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