Myatlik Caramel candies
Kunde: Unikonf
Myatlik Caramel candies
Packaging design
Industriebranche: Süßwaren

Myatlik Caramel candies

The packaging design for Myatlik candy by the Rot Front company was a contest entry, which was chosen as the best from dozens of designs. The project entailed creating five packaging designs for the four different tastes and a mixed pack. Our client requested we keep only the upper part of the old packaging as it was characteristic of the brand.

After analyzing the old packaging for the company's line of caramels, we concluded that some aspects we could change were outdated or not very attractive. Therefore, we decided to create a design with a centered illustration and a much more interesting look. Thus we changed the focus of the old packaging but kept its key aspects, combining them in a modern way. The fact that the composition was in the center of the packaging, let us add an opening in the best possible place, so that its contents could be seen from any angle. We decided to design the background which resembled caramel - it had to look liquid and semi-transparent. The illustrations showing the candy tastes weren't just ordered on the front - instead they were part of the caramel current. Myatlik was written using an original font and, naturally, centered.

Myatlik Caramel candies

We also retouched the photo of a piece of candy. Even though our client had supplied us with a photo of the product, the quality was not very good and so it was necessary that we edit it.

Myatlik Caramel candies
The Result

The key aspects of the design were a centered illustration which included the product line name and image of the candy, showcased the different tastes, and had a background and opening that caught the customer's eye. Paying attention to each and every detail, we created a design which won the contest.

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